CNC Gravírování


Gravograph IS400 Volume is a universal CNC engraver suitable for marking bulky items. Volume is a special a base for the IS400, which makes it possible to slide the vice, table or rotary adapter down. The solution is appropriate also for the marking of castings, forgings, weapons, cups, urns and other various items and industrial components. Special software LaserStyle 7 Graphic and driver to work from other software. Material plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, wood and more. Workspace of the engraver: 305 x 210 mm Versatile machine in industry and advertising.


The Gravograph LS100 Ex is a fast marking and propelling CO2 laser. The LS100Ex is fast, accurate and reliable CO2 Gravograph laser. It achieves a maximum speed of 2.5 m / s while maintaining the highest quality of the marking. Special software LaserStyle 7 Graphic and driver to work from other software. The method is suitable for most industrial marking, cutting and engraving. It is possible to mark gift items, glass, barcodes, trophies, or even use it to produce stamps. It is possible to adapt to various materials - acrylic, coated metals, natural materials (wood, paper, etc.), soft materials (foam, rubber, etc.) Laser surface: 610 x 305 mm

Laserové gravírování
UV LED tisk


The latest Mimaki MkII flatbed printer UJF-3042 MkII brings increased productivity and ease of use in direct direct printing of solid materials. This model offers sensational creativity and unlimited printing options for any material. Working area 300 mm x 420 mm, resolution X-DPI: 600, 900, 1200


The popular way of marking the wires is by marking the sleeves. These are plastic cases of different lengths, to to which the printed plastic strap is inserted. The advantage is greater sleeve versatility - thanks to its profile easily adapts to the size of the wire, and one type of case can be used for more wire diameters. Cases are an appropriate solution if the driver needs to be renamed. Description system ACS from German Murrplastik is used for a comprehensive description in the switchgear. The basis is transparent plastic sleeves in which individual labels are pushed. You can create a plotter or inkjet printer label labels from different manufacturers. The durability and durability of the description has a major influence on the type of material, from which the labels are made, and the chemical composition of the tuck. European Standard EN 60204 (VDE 0113, Part 1) prescribes unambiguous identification of wires, components and terminals in switchboards.

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