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Frantisek ZALABA was founded in 1993 and deals with spare parts trading.Gradually, it began to penetrate the segment in the electrical industry and special wires. It was started in 1996 Collaboration with OMERIN - the world's leading manufacturer of extruded wire. Subsequently, it was agreed representation for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


With increasing administration and turnover, in 2004 the change of the form of the company from a natural person to a lawyer took place.Subsequently, the company moved to new premises where it is possible to fully utilize the storage area and thus better meet customer requirements for just-in-time deliveries. With growing customer demands and growing demands the portfolio of products in 2018 strengthened the company by other members and became a family company. At present, František ZALABA s.r.o. devoted to two main fields:

  • The company's electrical conductors for extreme demands of OMERIN
  • Industry - metal, metallurgy, technical documentation and consultancy
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